May the force be with you- Rebels at Work!!!

Digital Marketing? Mobile Marketing? In-app Marketing? impressions? Engagement rate? landing pages? Ap-Exchange?

Do all of these terms make you feel that you are diving into the Sarlacc Pit of Tatooine? Do they make you feel like you belong to a different galaxy?

Don’t worry Chalk Digital can be your new hope and help fight all these dark forces and guide you through training and benefits of mobile advertising and help you successfully launch your mobile ad campaigns to market your brand. You will see the difference yourself.

This blog will educate you on everything related to the basics of mobile advertising and will bind your galaxy together.

Ok, Luke Skywalker let’s go ahead and learn the ways of the force!


Digital Marketing– Marketing using digital technologies mainly on the internet through your tablet, smartphones, desktop etc as against the traditional media which is print media ( Newspaper, flyers, magazines etc)

Mobile Marketing– Marketing or providing ads on your smartphone/tablet within apps or through the browser

In-app Advertising– Simply means providing ads on your mobile phones within applications.

Advertiser-Brand that wants to advertise or show their ads

Publisher- The aps on which the ads will be shown- weather, news or games apps

Mobile Ap-exchange– The marketplace where the publisher and advertiser buy and sell space and ads. A Publisher gets paid for lending space to show ads and Advertiser pays the publisher for using the space to market the brand. This exchange happens through ap-exchange.

Impressions-When an ad is fetched from its source and countable is called an impression. Please note Impressions is not the same as clicks.

CTR-Ratio of users who click on the ad to the users who view the ads. Chalk Digital usually offers a higher CTR to its customers because of the enhanced algorithm used at its end which matches the ads with the right set of customers.

Engagement rate– It’s the measure of the level of engagement that a created piece of content the landing page is receiving from its audience. It can be time spent on the landing page, tabs visited and other actions taken while on the landing page.

Landing page-The section of the website that is accessed by clicking on the ad. While advertising with Chalk Digital you can use your own landing pages or Chalk can help you create those for you. The success of the ad campaign depends a lot of the content offered at the landing page and its relevance to the ad.

Chalk Digital’s most important goal at the time of inception was and even today is to make in-app advertising easy, intuitive and convenient to market your brand.


If this all still confusing to you or if you plan to use mobile advertising, don’t worry contact us at 800-986-1966 or email us at and we can guide you through the process.

May the force be with you!

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