Customer Reach Management – Reach your contacts digitally in a few simple steps



Chalk’s MAGNET platform integrates with your CRM. We match the physical address or email ids of your contacts to their Wi-Fi address

Select Creative

You pick the creative of your choice from the automatically created creative

Pay and Launch

You add the landing page and make the payment to launch your ad

We target your potential customers at home and office digitally without tracking cookies

    Benefits of MAGNET

    Nurture every lead automatically

    Always on Contact Marketing

    Your ultimate goal is to increase sales, and grow your business, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup founder, app developer, entrepreneur, or a large enterprise.

    There’s one secret weapon that can skyrocket the growth of your business and that is nurturing your leads end-to-end.

    Our platform converts your leads, their email-id or physical address into an IP address that can be targeted on all devices with that IP, be it a home or business.

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    Extremely Targeted

    At Home or Office Targeting- MAGNET targets only the people on your target list and that’s it! Every marketing dollar is spent only to target your audience so not even a single penny is wasted on anyone who is not relevant to you. We reach the right set of people for you on their devices.


    Login and manage your campaign anytime. View your campaign results in detail for every matched physical address including impressions and clicks by the hour, day, week, and month.

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