About CHALK Digital, Inc.

San Diego, CA- CHALK is a pioneer in democratizing advertising for business of all sizes- from sophisticated agencies to national brands to local independent business- through marketing automation and data intelligence. The CHALK platform is able to build and launch a highly-targeted and personalized ad in minutes without any human intervention or costly operational support. Chalk Digital’s creativity emanates from the company’s diversity with offices in San Diego, CA; San Mateo, CA; Delhi, India and Tokyo, Japan.


Chalk Digital’s diverse and talented team has built the first “Do It Yourself” Instant Mobile Advertising Platform that enables anyone to create, publish, and track the results of a mobile ad campaign in just a few minutes.

Craig Hagopian
Founder & CEO

Co-Founder/President, xAd
President & COO, V-Enable
CMO, Axesstel (AMEX)
GM/VP,  SkyTel (MCI)
Market Development, EPSON
Duke University (MBA)
USC (Finance & Entrepreneur)

Chandra Kholia
Co-Founder & CTO

Co-Founder, VP Engr, xAd
Co-Founder, CTO, V-Enable
Project Leader, ST Micro
Birla Institute (MS, CS)
Kuamun University
(BS, Mathematics/Physics)

Satoru Yukie
Co-Founder & Head of Intl.

CEO & Chairman, UIMagic
CEO, Axesstel (AMEX)
VP US Telecom, Sony
Engineering, Sophia University

Ishwardeep Singh
VP Technology/Head- India Ops

Impetus (Senior Solution Architect)/xAd India (GM)/V-Enable (Senior Technical Lead)/Hughes Software Systems (Technical Lead)/ST Microelectronics (System Analyst) / CMC (Software Engineer) / MBA Marketing (FMS Delhi) / BE – CSC (Gulbarga University, Karnataka)

Chalk Advisors
Jason Bigler

Leader for Google’s global buy-side digital marketing platform products

Allan Dalton

Former CEO of Realtor.com
& President of Move.com
Real Estate Division

Neil Golden
Neil Golden

Former Sr. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer McDonald

Monica Ho
Monica Ho

Marketing Chief at Soci, Inc
CMO, GroundTruth (xAd)
Executive Board, MMA
SVP Marketing, 15 Mile
(TMP Directional)

Neil Salvage Jr.
Neil Salvage Jr.

President, LendingTree
SVP, CBS Local
EVP, CityGrid

Adam Soroca

SVP, Rubicon Project
CEO nToggle
CPO Millennial Media,
CPO and GM Jumptap

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