Branding vs LeadGen

We at Chalk Digital always feel that for marketers, Branding Vs LeadGen is like a wrestling match it’s one or the other, esp in the case of Mobile advertising. Advertisers are often in a dilemma whether to use advertising budget for branding or for lead generation?

Simply put, Brand Awareness is increasing the reach while LeadGen is limiting the reach to a set of people who are willing to buy, or sign up for a newsletter or provide their information for a certain action the ad is delivering. LeadGen is easy to measure while Brand awareness is not.

Brand awareness is more long term while Lead Gen is more short term, but they go hand in hand.

It’s impossible to have leads unless people recognize the brand and just having awareness campaigns will not bring in the leads.

We at Chalk Digital truly believe that laying a great foundation through awareness campaigns is extremely helpful in the long run and will surely go a long way and we encourage our customers to do that. While running Lead Gen campaigns for our clients, to be successful we always encourage the marketers to create great content.

Chalk Digital’s highly advanced Advertising As a Service platform runs on complex yet effective algorithms which try to reach out to the most likely user of a service or product based on the location of the user and certain preferences, given the content is relevant. Effective content will result in higher engagement rates which can be used to impact the top line. However, that will only happen if the user trusts the brand. There should be a perfect balance of trust-building and lead gen initiatives for effective marketing. Although this perfect balance will result in a “tiebreaker” for the Brand Awareness Vs Lead Gen wrestle but will prove to be a win-win.

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