IP Targeting- Direct Mail for the Internet

What is IP Targeting?
IP Targeting is an advertising practice that delivers personalized content to a website visitor mobile or desktop device based on its physical location, which is determined using its Internet Protocol (“IP”) address.

Chalk Digital accurately targets only the addresses you want to advertise to, then presents digital ads on any device everywhere they visit online, with IP Matching Technology.

By doing that Chalk targets a precise set of people based out of a particular location. The ads can be shown repeatedly to these set of customers to ensure better and accurate decision-making. This method of targeting is focused, exact, and ensures a higher ROI.

How it works via Chalk platform?

Chalk platform lets you submit either IP address or street address that you wish to target. If you submit the street address the platform starts matching the physical address with the IP address. Once the matching is done the ad delivery starts. The detailed report provides match rate followed by Ad views, Clicks, demographics data, and also the top sites on which the ads were delivered and clicked. 


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