Dentsu Tec Launches “spreAD for Stores”

Dentsu Tec Launches “spreAD for Stores”, an Advertising Distribution Platform that Supports Store Customer Acquisition and Recruitment-Using Tablets to Realize “DIY” for Advertising Distribution at the Discretion of Each Store.

Dentsu Tec Co., Ltd. is a digital advertisement distribution platform “spreAD for Stores” that supports the acquisition and recruitment of new customers according to the issues and regional characteristics of each store for retail companies that develop multiple stores and manage franchises. Is now available.

Employees can “DIY” (Do It Yourself) the advertisement distribution settings with a single tablet, so it is ideal for store situations such as promoting store visits and recruiting jobs in nearby areas at the discretion of each store under the cooperation of the headquarters. At the same time as realizing a more sophisticated approach, we will support the conversion of store sales promotion to DIY.

chalk-spreAD for Stores

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the business environment is undergoing major changes, such as a decrease in the frequency of store visits and recommendations for non-face-to-face and non-contact. In addition, although the digitization of store sales promotion is advancing and effective marketing measures are required, there are limits to the resources required to carry out advertisement distribution according to the situation of each store under the initiative of the headquarters. This platform can place and operate advertisements from a low budget of tens of thousands of yen, and can also practice CRM by integrating customer behavior data and existing member data through advertisements and link with the headquarters in real-time.

We have been collaborating with Chalk Digital in the United States to promote digital marketing based on location information, including the digital platform “chalk_spreAD” which can immediately deliver advertisements from the sales floor perspective that utilizes the location information of consumers. , We have supported the improvement of sales and customer attraction of client companies.
By adding “spreAD for Stores”, we will make up for the lack of human resources of retailers that develop multiple stores and contribute to the realization of marketing measures optimized for individual stores.

■ Features of “spreAD for Stores” that support store DX

1) One tablet can deliver advertisements in just 3 steps
We will complete the advertisement distribution in 3 steps considering the regional characteristics, target, timing, and budget of each store.

  • Step1: Determine the delivery date, delivery time, and budget
    Payment can be made with the registered credit card (corporate card), which also supports monthly settlement, so you can save complicated paperwork at the time of billing.
  • Step2: Decide the delivery location
    In addition to specifying the delivery location according to the trade area, you can also specify the target demographic and multiple locations.
  • Step3: Decide the distribution banner and LP (landing page)
    For the distribution banner, we have prepared a template that can be created on the spot, and you can also select an existing design. You can also select LP from the preset candidates.

2) Easy to install. Issue an account at the same time as the contract * 1
Since the account is issued on the spot when you make a contract, you can install it in a minimum of one day. The UI design allows you to operate it intuitively, but it also comes with an operation manual that you can check when necessary.

3) The delivery result is clear on the dashboard
Results such as banner browsing status and clicks can be checked in real-time on the dashboard, and strategic advertisement distribution such as the discovery of winning patterns of distribution and distribution to areas not covered by leaflets is possible from the data.

* 1 It may take several days depending on the system linkage requirements.

■ “spreAD for Stores”

■ “chalk_spreAD”

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