Dentsu Tec launches “chalk spreAD”, in collaboration with Chalk Digital, Inc. in the U.S.A., a digital platform for distributing instant, direct advertising which meets the needs of sales floors by geographically positioning consumers.

Dentsu Tec, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda, Tokyo, President, and CEO: Yasuhiro Matsubara) will start providing the platform “chalk spreAD” in response to the challenges which store/regional managers of their clients face in an attempt to attract customers promptly. The platform not only distributes coupons or flyers instantly but also visually reports its effect on customer traffic.
“chalk spreAD” was released in collaboration with Chalk Digital, Inc. in U.S.A.
(“Chalk Digital” Headquarters: San Diego, CEO: Craig Hagopian.)

“Today, local and regional merchants are confronted with changing media preferences which are shifting spend away from legacy advertising mediums to personalized social content and mobile advertising. This shift requires businesses to adopt new marketing skills and expertise that most do not own,” said Craig Hagopian, Founder, and CEO of Chalk Digital. “Especially for businesses that depend on reaching younger audiences that no longer consume print, mail and other media in the same way as earlier generations this is paramount to their future success. That’s why we built the chalk_spreAD platform to democratize local digital advertising through automation and transparency. Our joint collaboration empowers Dentsu Tec and its clients to launch and regulate campaigns on-the-fly based on in-store foot traffic, engagement and sales needs.”


Today, it is a challenge for many companies to reach the younger generation who shies away from flyers which makes it difficult to create optimal solutions. Also, on sales floors in many cases, there are no other options to handle prompt customer attraction and marketing besides sales clerks’ physical actions. In addition to sales decline, this scenario results in store management problems such as labor inefficiencies caused by the extra burden on the sales representatives.

The newly released “chalk spreAD” proposes management methods which are designed to solve problems according to the services/products and management of clients. Authorized managers of their client companies are able to distribute banner ads to designated locations instantly. The following basic items are specified on the platform at the time of distribution.
• MEDIA (The RTB advertisement spaces for each App or Smart phone site) *Frame specification available in order
• DATE/OPERATION HOURS (Select on the calendar)
• LOCATION (Select multiple locations on the map) *Locations can be specified as distribution lists are uploaded
• DEMOGRAPHICS (Gender, age, device, or language segmentation)
• BANNER DESIGN (You can design your own ad on the platform)
• LANDING PAGE (You can design your own landing page on the platform)

After distribution followed by an instantaneous test and evaluation on the dashboard, the system is equipped with the PDCA function aimed at the next distribution plan. The banner impressions and areas with the most clicks are visualized by multiple mapping. This feature enables the sales representatives and brand managers to accumulate knowledge specific to the region and utilize the banner distribution as a synergy to flyers or hanging/poster advertisements in public transportations.

From this point onward, we will keep contributing sales increases and enhanced customer attraction to our client companies by introducing the platform and data-mining on distributions to overcome various sales promotion and marketing challenges utilizing digital marketing by the geographic data point.
Company Name: Chalk Digital, Inc.
Headquarters: San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Offices: San Jose, Tokyo, New Delhi
Year founded: 2013
CEO: Craig Hagopian
Services: Sole AaaS (Advertising as a Service) commercialization of
pin-point targeting advertisement based on exact, real-time location data and activity histories/lifestyles of consumers. Our portal advertisers range from large-scale brand-name companies to small business owners.

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