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We take our highly concentrated behavioral information and geo-targeted data and pair with high volume, brand-centric campaigns that CPG companies utilize for the most effective mobile advertising possible. With our mobile advertisement solution, CPG campaigns are able to reach those who are most likely to purchase from your brand. Our intelligent mobile advertising campaigns reach specific audiences leveraging our unique demographics and location profiles to maximize your digital presence.

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Hyper-Local Retail Targeting

Our proprietary technology collects and analyzes targeted demographic data to drive consumers to your products. We use this data to fine tune campaigns to deliver to the exact audience targeted for your campaigns. We grow your product reach by using information like behavioral habits coupled with location data points like the neighborhood they live in, the places they travel to, and the stores they shop in.

Mobile Audience Targeting

Through our mobile advertising solution, CPG brands can achieve massive brand awareness reach by targeting the audience segments. Each campaign is optimized in real-time to maximize consumer reach and retention. Whether the goal is to have a nation-wide brand awareness campaign, product coupon distribution, or a hyper-targeted product campaign in a certain area like a specific sporting event, our platform has you covered.

Behavioral Re-Targeting

A major role of CPG success is the high volume of goods sold. That said, your brand and product needs to be top-of-mind at all times. Our re-targeting capabilities based on strategic user interactions, extensive behavioral data, and consumer location dwell times allow for us to strategically serve your campaigns to the right consumer, at the right time.

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