Since starting in 2012, Chalk Digital has developed some serious technology to help create, target, and launch your ad campaign

Chalk Digital has pioneered a new class of DIY (Do It Yourself) advertising that enables brands, franchises and businesses to reach and engage with local consumers in an easy, cost effective, real-time location delivery solution.
Today companies have many online and offline media options to communication with consumers. As a result, consumers are being over-whelmed with the sheer number of advertisement they receive on a daily basis – over 5,000. Many of these messages are irrelevant to the consumer and therefore ineffective and costly to the business.
Chalk’s mobile ad creation and publishing platform eliminates this waste by enabling businesses to harness the power of location, time, and intent to more effectively engage with consumers through their mobile devices by providing them with relevant and actionable multi-media content.
By focusing on key signals, such as a person’s location, time of day, and persona, Chalk’s technology empowers businesses to provide consumers with valuable, timely information to educate, enrich, and engage them in a more effective and meaningful way.
From discovery to loyalty, Chalk’s instant DIY mobile ad platform enables businesses to interact not interrupt consumers.

Advertising in the Palm of Your Hand

Chalk’s patent pending technology is the only ad management system designed to aggregate user generated, multi-media content and geo-target based on consumer’s preferences – Strategically distributing ads to designated mobile applications to increase overall engagement.

Your target market is in the palm of your hand.


The world is on mobile. Engage with your customers wherever they are.

Mobile Only

25% of the US population gets to the Internet only through their cell phone (No tablet or computer).

Apps Rule

Mobile users spend 82% of the time that they are on their phones within mobile apps.

Big Reach

Nearly 80% of US mobile subscribers own a smartphone.Reach mobile consumer when and where it matters most.

Growing Market

In 2014, ONLY mobile digital media saw growth. Online, TV, Radio, Print all decreased in daily ad spend.

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